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Menards to Discontinue Insteon


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My local menards in michigan has begun the discontinue process. I was able to buy 10 miro on/off and micro dimmers for 34.00 ea.

6button keypad dimmer links for 54.00

and the dual switched outlets for 34.00

they said the discounts will keep going down until all items are sold.

the regular dimmer switches did not see a price adjustment yet.


Keep an eye out in your area if you are in need.

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Best Buy Canada dumped Insteon a while back.


This may have a positive side. Perhaps SH will drop their prices to about half in an effort to hang on to the edge of the cliff that is crumbling under their fingers. Hopefully they are not too late.


HA newbies typically only see price and in-your-face products.

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You maybe right. It seems like I an constantly getting offers for modules. That they may have excess inventory of or are about to release updated devices.


If you subscribe to  the Smarthome email offers.


I am getting a new offer every few days as the old one expired on midnight the night before.

20% off on two or more mix and match from the list in the message. Also most times there is also a combination of modules set  with a special part number.

Last one that expired a few days ago was 20% off on mix or match two or more from the list. Things like new 2457D2 Lamplincs.


Present one is 20% off of refurbished modules. Though I have had mixed results with their refurbished modules.

Like a 2547D2 refurbished is $27.99. Leak Sensor $19.99 etc.

Mulit-Packs of new Mini-Remotes all versions and their accessories like the tabletop mounts and wall plates.

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Not all stores are removing it from retail. My Livonia, MI Menards is not performing a sell off, its a sale. The same amount, both types of Insteon devices and quantities are in stock. For the items on sale, they put temporary sale price cards in front of the existing price cards for when the sale is over on 3/6. There is a comment on the sales banner in the isle that states the prices are no good after 3/6, even if the temporary price tags are still up


Also, there multiple brands and types of home automation / safety / electronic devices on sale.


I stopped by the customer information desk and talked to them, they said they have no plans for discontinuing Insteon at the Livonia Store.



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No Menards in Texas but online they have the 480w PL only (I believe) offered on sale.  I'm assuming that price would be the same locally.


Insteon OutletLinc White Relay Remote Control On/Off Non-Dimming Outlet

Model Number: 2473SWH
Menards® SKU: 3580003


Everyday Low Price: $45.99

You Save: $11.00 After Sale Price





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Thanks for the quick follow up and Paul Bates much thanks for the photo. All I can say is wow you guys who have a Menards by you are really lucky.


Based on the photo offered by Paul they are really competitive with some items like Costco and that is for a single item! Hoping someone will chime in and find the dual band - dual outlet version on sale in their market place.


I could really use a few of these in a project that's been held up for what seems forever!


Lastly, I wanted to offer my sincere thanks to Gregf for reaching out to me to help facilitate a purchase of a few KPL dimmers. The generosity in taking the time to help a forum member sight unseen is humbling!


Thank you GregF! 

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My store had the Red clearance tags until the micros, 6button KPL Dimmer, and Outlet linc were all gone. Those are all gone now at both locations around me. 

I dont think they plan on restocking those particular items. I did see the sale with purple tags on a few items good thru 3/6.


I feel a little lucky for most of my single gang switch boxes do not have a neutral wire in them and managed to get the Micros i needed for a good price.

the outlet link was a bonus.

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