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Autelis Bridge - Creating local charts and graphs


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I wanted to let those using the Autelis Bridge know most recently two fantastic forum members have helped create some code and a very detailed *How To* step by step guide to allow the end user the ability create local graphs with in the 994 Series Controller.


The WiKi entry is listed here under Energy: http://wiki.universal-devices.com/index.php?title=ISY-994i_Series_INSTEON:Networking:Network_Resources#Energy


The real conversation that started this all off is located here: http://forum.universal-devices.com/topic/7269-logging-variables/page-2


Kudos must also be called out for Toddimus, MWareman for their feed back and also pushing forward this whole concept.


Hope very much those looking for a simple, effective, and clean graphing solution see value in this endeavor.


With out the endless development of the entire Universal Devices Inc team lots of this could not have been achieved since variable substitution was first introduced.


Their commitment to excellence and pushing the envelope of this little box is ever present.


Lastly, much thanks and appreciations must go out to my friends 50-50, and Sandry. With out their guidance, insight, and dedication to help others this could not have happen so quickly.


Thank you all . . .

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