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Lost user/password


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Misplaced paper with notes on changed sign in user/password. Trying to follow this guide for ISY994i using Java/Admin Console: Resetting Userid/Password
Before you proceed with the procedure below, you will need to retrieve the MAC address of the
device. Refer to 4.4.1 for locating the MAC address. 
Note: I located MAC address in my Comcast router
To reset your userid and password please follow the steps as outlined below:
Disconnect PLM from the ISY.
Note: I powered down ISY other area of manual states not to unplug/plug PLM into ISY while powered
Telnet to ISY Question does this mean disconnect from router, makes no sense?
Enter MAC address as both the userid and password at login prompt  Note: can't do that while powered down or disconnected from router so left router connected. Entered MAC address at prompt = failed
Wait 45 seconds (or until you see "Please connect PLM message")  Note: due to failed msg never occurred.
Plug PLM back in  Note: other area of manual states not to unplug/plug PLM into ISY while ISY powered
Log in again using admin/admin
Note: There is a timeout of 5 minutes for the PLM to get plugged back in. If timed out, the userid
and password are not reset.


Confusing, so do I:

1. Leave ISY on while disconnecting the PLM?

2. Leave ISY connected to router? [seems logical]

3. Enter MAC in userid & password fields. If it fails?

4. Wait for PLM connect msg and connect PLY while ISY powered on?

5. Log in admin/admin

6. Never forget useid/password again!


Note; I have a backup copy of the ISY settings/programming I've done.


Thank you,



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