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INSTEON Dual Band PLM Serial Interface vs. Smartenit Insteon Serial PLM


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Hi guys,


My PLM doesn't seem to work anymore. I tried to unplug it and reconnect it but could not get any of my light/programs to work anymore. Need to buy another one but would like to know what is the different between INSTEON Dual Band PLM Serial Interface vs.Smartenit Insteon Serial PLM. Do both devices get connected to the ISY? 


hope you can help me clarify these devices





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The Smartenit Insteon Serial PLM is built on the same 2413 base main PCB they buy from Smartlabs. With their own serial port daughter board. That can have options like RS-485 I/O or USB


So if you need to purchase a new one. You might as well just get another Smarthome one as both have the same base main  PCB.

The Smartenit has a one year warranty. The Smarthome a two year warranty.


The latest 2413S with a hardware revision of 2.0 and above. Are supposed to have the updated power supply components for better reliability. As the older ones had a reputation of failing shortly over the two year warranty period.


Smartenit sales page indicates it is Functionally equivalent to a Smarthome 2413S PLM

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Yes the serial connection on their model goes to the same serial jack on the ISY Controller.


It has the same base 2413 PLM main board in it. So it is only as reliable as the Smarthome 2413S PLM.

I have seen no reports of the serial daughter boards in either model being an issue.

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