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I have a decent size Insteon installation throughout my house and love my ISY.

I continue to look for a better user interface though.  I have tried Mobilinc, but continue to be underwhelmed by the UI and the high cost.


I was hoping to have a 'joint Insteon Hub' and ISY install, but based on previous posts, it seems that this may not work?  An Insteon refurbished HUB is dirt cheap and includes a very clean UI that allows integration of other non-Insteon devices and has $0 monthly fees.

Has anyone successfully used both a HUB and ISY?

I did read about a new integration of ISY with Echo... That is great, but what about possibly integrating with the HUB and HUB interface?  Any chance that it can be simply used as an interface?


Are there any other options out there for a good interface to my Insteon setup without losing my ISY?



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