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More ways to make the Admin interface useful


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As an avid user of your product for the past four years, I can say I really love the ISY and all the flexibility it gives me in controlling my smarthome. That being said, I'd like to request some features (maybe in 5.x):

1. Please - PLEASE - make an import/export feature for all of the programs, devices, network resources, etc... where each would be editable. Right now, only programs can be exported into an editable (XML) format; and that is cryptic to read (e.g. using seconds for time). I would love to be able to do all of the work in Excel (preferred) or an XML editor and then just upload it. This would allow for quicker building of the ISY folders/scenes/programs/ variables, etc... and allow repetitive things like Network Variables for a single component (where only one variable changes such as Temperature set point in a thermostat) to be copy/pasted and edited quickly.

2. Allow variables to be drag/drop reordered and/or renumbered (ID).

3. When creating programs, show on the SAME TAB, the variable/scene/device/etc... that is being effected by the program and its state when running tests. This would alleviate the need to flip back and forth between tabs when testing programs.

4. Since Amazon's Alexa is becoming such a big thing now (I use it a LOT), add an "Alexa" option to each scene/device/etc... right in the ISY admin console so I can designate it for discovery from one interface/program.

5. Allow ID of Network Resources to be changed.

6. Create a "Log Viewer" tab, so I can quickly check to see if a program ran as desired; rather than having to export to Excel first.

7. Finally, put in a Z-wave (or any RF signal protocol) signal strength indicator by component. This would be a huge help in troubleshooting.


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Hi Ross,


Thanks so very much for the feedback:

1. Unfortunately not possible because IDs are generated and must be unique/reused ... this will definitely cause major problems with dangling programs without legitimate parents as well as performance issues

2. Same as above. Unfortunately what's being proposed is like saying the index in a database should be manually reordered and thus will cause major performance problems

3. Makes sense! #217

4. Unfortunately we cannot since the Portal supports aliases and ISY does not. And, synching the two becomes a nightmare

5. Same as 2

6. Makes sense! #218

7. Long ago we tried to do this but this required a different Z-Wave library (installer) which would leave out everything else we needed for Z-Wave. This may be possible with the 500 series but I do not know yet


Thanks again.


With kind regards,


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