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Announcing 'Home Alarm' - a Android app for arming and disarm your Elk M1


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Version 1.0 of 'Home Alarm' is now available on the Google Play store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wareman.ha.



* Universal Devices ISY (https://www.universal-devices.com/)
* Elk M1 Alarm system (http://www.elkproducts.com/)
* ISY-ELK integration module installed on your ISY

For remote access, either:
* ISY Portal (https://my.isy.io) (currently only supports single ISY in a Portal account)
* SSL certificate installed on your ISY (trusted preferred - but self-signed supported)

(ISY Portal is highly recommended - it's much faster than direct SSL, and comes with added benefits including Alexa and IFTTT integration)

* Supports remembering your home WiFi network(s). Simply click 'Profile : Remember this network' when on the same LAN as your ISY and it will auto-switch to a speedy local connection (you will need to do this for each AP)
* Supports two profiles - in case you have two systems. Swipe-left on the status display to setup after the first profile is configured. Network awareness is independent for the two profiles

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1.0.1 (build 112) has just been promoted to production.



Supports Android 4.0+ (previously 4.1+)

Adjustable font size (in settings) in case text on buttons is too small (or big)

Actually exits now (if enabled) on disarm

New long/short press options:

  Allows a long press to function even if short is also allowed

  New button activation option: 'Long if no PIN'

    This allows short (or long) if there is a PIN required - but require a long press where no PIN is required (to prevent accidental activation)
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