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HAD feature request (scenes and ELK support)


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As I mentioned in another post, I just started looking at HAD after upgrading to 4.3.26. One of the first things I noticed that there is no longer a separation between scenes and devices, or even a way to distinguish which is which in the interface.


For the most part, I don't want any of the other family members to see the devices, as almost everything in the house has been grouped into scenes. For example, they shouldn't know whether they need to change the switch in the hall or great room to turn on the hall light, they should just turn on the hall light scene. This is even more important with some of the outdoor light scenes that turn on indicator buttons on a KPL in order to give me visual indication of which lights are on.


It would be nice to have separate scenes and devices tabs like in the traditional web UI. Or, at the very least, separating them on the Devices tab.


The other thing I notice is the lack of ELK support. Are there plans to add this?

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