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isy944i Power Supply

Scott MS

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The power supply I received with my ISY944i has failed.  The ISY stopped working and I noticed that the network connectivity failed as well.  LED was dim so I tried a different power supply I had (5v, 1A, appears to be a 3.5mm plug) and it started up instantly.  Fixed.


What are the power supply requirements?   Can I use any 5V, 1A, 3.5mm jack power supply?


I am also using an Insteon 2413S PowerLinc Modem (PLM).  I saw on the Smarthome site that the PLM can power the ISY.  MY ISY was purchased in 2012, so not sure if this applies to mine.

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Just had the same issue w/ my ISY994iZw that was less than 2 months old. I thought my ISY died at first, but since no lights were illuminating I gave a spare power supply a shot and it fired back up. I contacted support and Michel promptly sent a replacement.

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You can also use higher voltage power supplies as ling as the polarity is correct. I've been using a 12VDC supply of which I have plenty.

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