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Motion Detector turning on wrong light after PLM replacement

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Like so many others, I had a PLM go bad after 2 years.  I replaced it with a new PLM and used the ISY console to restore the PLM.  Unfortunately, I stepped away from my computer while it was doing the restore and it went to sleep.  When I returned I saw some communication failure errors.  I ran the restore again and it seemed to finish. 


I have one motion sensor that was in linking mode (flashing red light) during both restore attempts.  This motion sensor was not linked to any other device originally - I have a program on the ISY that responds to the on signal and turns on a light, waits 4 minutes, then turns the light off.


After the restore I have noticed very strange behavior from my motion sensor.  When it is triggered and sends its on signal, the light it is supposed to turn on flashes twice and then turns off, and a totally separate light in the house turns on.


I did a manual restore on the motion sensor, which did not fix the issue.  I can run the "then" block of my program and it does exactly what I expect it to.  There are no links shown for the motion sensor in the ISY console, nor does the light that comes on show any links to the motion sensor.


This is my motion sensor program:


Outdoor Motion Sensing - [iD 0004][Parent 0003]
        Control 'Garage / Garage Outdoor Sensor-Sensor' is switched On
    And $GarargeOutdoorSwitchStatus < 1
        Set 'Garage / Garage Outdoor Switch' On
        Wait  4 minutes 
        Set 'Garage / Garage Outdoor Switch' Off
   - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')


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If the MS was in linking mode during restore, than any scenario is possible. Perform a factory reset on the MS and then restore just that device (after placing it in linking mode). Make sure the MS doesn't control anything at all after the factory reset.

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