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Tasker support


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In response to conversations elsewhere on the board, this thread was created for Tasker support requess as a future Agave feature.


The idea is to post specific requirements for tasker functionality support you would like to see, and where possible, technical details/specifics on how they'd see it working.


Tasker supports a number of capabilities, we can help stating specific requirements here.


This is the bitbucket ticket as a reference only 




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When an incoming event from ISY is received, notify Tasker that an event has occurred, what device it affected, what it's prior and new state is. This should be accomplished via a Tasker plugin, triggering an 'Event' in Tasker.


Allow the plugin to express 'States' in Tasker. We could then configure a 'State' based on a device being on/off greater or less than a given level - and run tasks on entry and exit of that state.


Finally, Tasker should be able to ask Agave to turn on or off any scene or device, as well as set other items (like thermostat settings etc).



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