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PIN / User credential encryption

James Peterson

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This is just about ready.  I'll be adding this to  the rollout this weekend.  

I am now encrypting all user login credentials by default.  If the user sets a pin, the credentials would then be SALTED with the PIN.  Each profile has its own option to enable the PIN.  If the PIN is removed the encryption will be transferred back to the standard level.  


It is working so far, just need to add a few profile switch catches.  





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If I might ask.  If the phone already has pin/fingerprint protection setup on it.  Why would someone need to add it to an individual app?  I have fingerprint setup on my 5X and I feel no need for additional security.   I'm open to hear the reasons.

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Not everyone protects their phone with a 'master' PIN.


For those, you added an application PIN. I think this request is for those that would want to use the fingerprint reader instead of a PIN to protect their HA system. Much like banking apps sometimes do (I know the Capital One app does this, for instance). Android now provides prettty good APIs for protecting application data behind either a PIN or fingerprint for this purpose.



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