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Amazon - IoT Dash Button


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Last week Amazon indicated they are going to sell their very popular Dash buttons for the IoT market. The going price is $19.99 as of this writing and the potential for many is great.


Having said this consider the article linked here: http://thenextweb.com/gadgets/2016/05/16/dash-elsewhere/#gref


It actually surprises me Amazon would have been so narrow sighted in making the unit disposable? 

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I don't see where they took a sample of devices and tested them, just one, so that may not be representative of those buttons. And if they pressed the button a 1000 in succession, then that's heavier duty than the device would normally be subjected to (i.e., no battery recovery time).


Even at that, if one used to device once every day, which is unlikely considering each device is for a single function only, then battery would last nearly three years. Three to five years is the expected life for devices with a sealed non-rechargeable battery.


BTW, the battery would last more than 19 years if it's pressed once a week B)

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