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2486D V.39 not running programs

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Hi there 


I am stumped and need some pointers.


1) I have a Keypad 6 button 2486 which will not run two programs on buttons C and D (Buttons A and B do work and initiate scenes)


2) Isy 994i Pro V4.4.6


3) PLM v9B


I have reset the Keypad several times and restored from ISY - the Links are the same in the Keypad and the ISY.


When I pull up the event viewer, it will record the keypress for Button A and Button B, but not for Button C and Button D


Buttons C and D run network program to lower or raise shades..... The network resources are also called in a different program at sunset and work fine.


Any idea why the button presses are not recorded? Anything I can do to test further?















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