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Serial PLM Debug Tools

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I've been trying to find some method to a maddening communications issue.


I have an extra PowerLinc Serial Dual-Band Modem (2413S)


I'd like to look at the Insteon traffic that is happening on my network (Something independent of my ISY)


Anything like this exist anywhere?



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If it is Insteon traffic to/from PLM connected to ISY the Event Trace at LEVEL 3 will show normal Insteon traffic.


The PLM has a monitor mode so another PLM may also show Insteon traffic but the PLM manual indicates that monitor mode may not see all Insteon messages so the answer is some but not all traffic may be seen.   There is no tool that I am aware of to manage another PLM.  I have done some monitoring with Powerhome product but it is not free and it is not always successful.  


Do you have multiple Insteon PLMs in use where the ISY Event Trace would not provide the information?


EDIT: excerpt from old PLM guide


In Monitor Mode, the IM will also notify the host of received INSTEON messages that contain a From
Address matching any INSTEON ID in the IM’s ALL-Link Database, even if the To Address does not match
the IM’s INSTEON ID or the IM does not belong to an ALL-Link Group associated with the message. In
other words, if the message originator is in the IM’s ALL-Link Database as either a Controller or
Responder, the IM will pass the message to the host even if it is not specifically directed to the IM. In this
way you can monitor messages between other INSTEON devices as long as the sender is in the IM’s ALLLink Database.
Please be aware that the IM may not always detect this traffic. If the message originator and addressee
are close to one another and the IM is farther away, the message originator may not cause the message
to hop enough times for the IM to hear it. To know for sure what an INSTEON device’s status is, you can

usually query it directly using an appropriate INSTEON Direct Command. 

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I can verify what LeeG indicated.

I took a spare 2413S PLM that is factory reset and the Link Database is blank. Then setting it to Monitor Mode.

Using both BusyRats PLM Test program and the evaluation version of DockLight Scripting. I saw no Insteon messages. Even from the ISY PLM or any other controllers.

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This is a related, but a whole different topic, My ISY will issue a Scene command and every now and then (once a day at least), any one of these scene members will fail to react. The kicker is the ISY is convinced the device succeeded and is at some value when the device is actually off. Doing a query of the device will correct its status in the ISY. It is not device exclusive, this issue could plague any one of my devices at any time, even if they are right next to each other and on the same circuit, both dualband, one will get the message one will gloss over it, and regardless of which, the ISY is convinced they are both at one value, where actually one failed to act on a scene.


I thought the INSTEON protocol accounts for ACKs / NACKs


I'm clutching at straws trying to figure this one out, I thought being able to read traffic at various points in my house could help determine anything.


Thanks for the advice!



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I thought the INSTEON protocol accounts for ACKs / NACKs


Only for directed commands. Scene commands do not get ACKed - they are presumed to have succeeded.


Random scene members not reacting is indicative of marginal comm and/or noise. That's where the troubleshooting needs to be.

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Have you tried using the Scene Test in the diagnostics area. While having the Event Viewer in level 3 Device Communications Events. To see how the commands are being handled?


Have you verified you have good communications between the power line phases. With the built in Communications Test {Beacon or Four Tap depending on descriptions} in Dual Band devices?


Some known power line signal problem devices. Are things like Computer Power Supplies, UPS Units, filtered surge strips. The PLM should not be on a computer circuit unless. The computer or UPS is isolated from the PLM with a filter. Like a FilterLinc. I have my UPS on the filtered outlet of a FilterLinc and the unfiltered pass through outlet on the front has the PLM in it.

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