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Simple Home Controller - intro


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Click Here for Android App


Click here for instructions (if needed)


Welcome to Simple Home Controller. SHC runs on Android and soon Windows 10 (not Windows Phone). The purpose of SHC is to allow quick and easy access to your devices without going through a lot of clicks or screens. Sometimes you just want to turn something on! No configuration is necessary beyond connection info. It gives you the list of folders as it appears in your ISY admin console and then all the devices in the folder you click on. It then remembers the last folder you used the next time you use the app so you don't even need to select a folder. 


Supported Insteon & Zwave Devices:

  • Dimmer modules and switches
  • Appliance on/off modules and switches
  • Door locks
  • Garage door controllers
  • Thermostats
  • Sensors (including I/O Linc)
  • Fan controls (including Fanlinc)
  • Shade & Blind controls

Note: if a specific module does not appear in the app or works incorrectly, contact me and I'll get it working!



  • Fits more modules on one screen than any other app.
  • Easy font resizing
  • Allows for single-tap dimming (instead of a slider) based on your desired dim intervals.
  • Selectable inclusion of Programs, Sensors, Hidden devices, and Disabled devices.
  • Debug screen to help diagnose problems.
  • Hides devices/folders with names starting with "~" unless "show hidden" is selected.
  • Sorts your nodes, scenes, and programs
  • Programs can be enabled/disabled or run.


What it does NOT do:

  • Does not automatically update with device states - if you change a device state outside of the app, the app will not reflect the new state until you click "Refresh". It also doesn't constantly update when you aren't using the phone and thus doesn't run down your battery. :)
  • It doesn't automatically update the status of each device in a scene after running a scene either. The price of simplicity.
  • Does not look pretty or wiz-bang. It is intended to be practical, not art. The interface is simple, quick, and uncluttered.
  • It uses the settings in your ISY admin console for folders, scenes, and programs. You have access to these in the app but you cannot create new ones from the app. Neither can your guests or children. :)
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