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Installing and using on Amazon Fire Tablet


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It's never as easy as it looks but I did find the proper files and the Fire is working well.


I got Agave installed and it's working well. I got Q-See installed and I can view the video feeds from the cameras.


Tomorrow I'll get Samsung Multiroom installed for the audio system. And then I'll work on mounting the tablet on a wall and running power to it.


Best regards,

Gary Funk

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The smaller (8") Samsung tablets are in a similar price range, (just a bit more) and seem to be commonly used for wall attachment. (Lot of attachment products for them.)


It gets darn confusing, though, with so very many different "Galaxy Tab" products!


One negative is that Samsung doesn't  have a history of supporting them with OS upgrades for very long.


I use a Galaxy Tab 4 for development, but it is now obsolete, locked at Android 4.4.2. Galaxy Tab A 8" is probably locked at Android 5. Galaxy Tab S2 8" is about double the price, around $200, tho.


I need to pick some Android tablets out for test/demo for a project I am working on, and the model matrix makes my head spin!

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