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My ISY Portal says my ISY is offline


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I am having a problem with MobiLinc and while troubleshooting that with Wes at MobiLinc I discovered that my Portal is not listed in the admin console on the Configuration/Portals tab and when I try logging into the ISY Portal it shows that it has been offline since the 9th (of July, 2016 at 1030 AM).

Can anyone shed some light on why my ISY is offline and how to get it back. There have been no changes to my systems or router and I have rebooted (unplugged) the ISY and my network router several times.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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I just dealt with this. I had exactly the same issue.


Per UDI tech support, you can't have both ISY Portal and Mobilinc Portal. You have to pick one. UDI tech support can turn on/off whichever one you like, and they offered to refund ISY Portal if you choose to keep Mobilinc Portal.


I guess there is some (experimental?) support for ISY Portal from Mobilinc. I haven't explored that. I don't think I will renew Mobilinc when the subscription comes up. 

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I am using MobiLinc HD and the ISY Portal to communicate with my ISY.  After updating my ISY to v4.5.1, I was having trouble syncing so I deleted my MobiLinc HD app and re-installed it.  The problem I'm having now is configuring the account and password information.  It says to use the password I used when registering the ISY Portal.  Is this different than the actual ISY Portal Login?  How can I find which password I used when registering the ISY Portal or how do I go about resetting it?  Thanks!

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