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Ruckus Routers - Security Vulnerabilities


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This week another tech article has found the Ruckus branded enterprise routers to have obvious flaws and vulnerabilities which you can read here:  http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/08/10/ruckus_routers_security/


Of special interest is how the company Ruckus has responded to the findings?!?!


I find it incredible that any company would ignore proven and validated issues with their product line and decide not to patch it and thus leaving those using this hardware open to attack. Its clear by this article if it wasn't for the persistence of the white hats the company would have simply left the problems as they are.


In the past when ever problems were found and submitted to a company they were very thankful and took every step to remedy said issues. Today, we live in a world where companies will sit on their collective hands until they are publicly shamed in the various news outlets as was done by Microsoft regarding the secure boot key issue.



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