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Two echos, hooked with 1 account .. two ISY's .. two houses

Jason Miller

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Ok .. here is my question. I have my primary house with an ISY 994i and an echo hooked up. I use the echo to control tons of lights, etc.


We have a beach place with an amazon echo as well. I have it linked to the same amazon account, as you can manage multiple echos.


But .. I'm curious, in doing this, I only have 1 Alexa page .. each echo is listed under my "Alexa Devices" page. 


So, if I go to Smart Home, within the Alex page, how would I handle "turn kitchen lights on". Would I have to sync the new ISY, to the second echo, and make commands unique like "turn beach house kitchen lights on"?


Hope I am making sense here.

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Using one account, you can give each kitchen light a different spoken. If you want to use the same command, then you need to create a second Amazon account and a second portal sub-account.


I currently have four accounts for that reason. If I'm in a particular room, I only need to ask Alexa to turn the light on, I don't need to specify which room.

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