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Is there a way to change the ISY name in the main screen from the admin console ?


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So based on the reply, I figured out once you are logged in to the ISY, you can right click on the ISY and change the name for the box and that shows in the admin console.

It doesnt change the name in the admin console for the same box address via the portal for remote access, is there a way to change that name ??



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I'm confused by, "same box address via the portal for remote access." Are you at the Admin Console? If so, specifically where? Or are you at the portal?

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If I click on the admin console from my local PC, I get 5 choices to select

One for my local ISY now renamed "Barry's Production ISY"

One for my test ISY called ISY

All good so far

One for my production ISY with a long URL, this is the first one, but via the portal, still just called ISY

One for my test ISY, long URL, still called "ISY"

One for a buddies ISY via the portal, still called "ISY"

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Where specifically in the Admin Console? I managed to rename the ISY in the Admin Console and to a different name at the Configuration, Portals screen and to yet an other name in the portal app..

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