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Keeping Mobilinc and KPL in sync


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Hey everyone.


Got a conundrum.


I've got a web controlled relay that operates the pool heater (for this question).


I've got a series of programs that read a button push from the KPL (on or off), increments a variable and then other programs to turn on the relay using a network resource. It all works. 


I also have another program that is used for MobilLink. It merely works as a toggle to run the if then or if else to basically increment the variable as well. 


Since the KPL LED works off the state of the web relays condition (on or off), it reflects the correct state whether triggered from the KPL or the MobiLinc program. 


Here's the problem: If I turn on the Heater using the KPL, the heater goes on and the KPL lights. The program that is used exclusively for MobiLinc no longer reflects the state of the relay. Since its a toggle (no if statement, just if then and if else) I can't get it to read the current state of the relay. I could issue a RUN the IF THEN or IF ELSE in that program but its a loop then,


How can I get a simple toggle in Mobilinc that also can reflect the state of other conditions.



I'm so close....



I can post the programs.... if need be....


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Seems like the problem is that you have multiple, duplicate programs, one that you trigger with the keypad and a second that you trigger with MobiLinc. Combine those into a single program that can be triggered by both the keypad or MobiLinc, then you can use MobiLinc to look at either the true/false state of that single program or the status of that keypad button.

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