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Shared posts on the forum.


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This would be a nice feature to have for sharing possession of a common post between two or maybe three people.


If I wanted to start a shared instructional document in the first post of s thread and gave permission to edit to a few others that I felt

- had an interest

- were good writers

- were knowledgeable on the subject

- were trustworthy to contribute without overpowering the ideas or layout


This would be excellent for instructional documents, like how-to articles, especailly installing PolyGlot in complete chapters with details how to purchase an RPi, installing Os, python and PolyGlot, nodes etc..


I would love to get PolyGlot going but have no information on where to start. without any effort on my part, so far. LOL


Much of the problem with these how-to documents is by the time people are up to speed to write such an article they have forgotten how confusing it was at the beginning or even what they did to get where they are.


I guess this would be on a parallel with a Wiki, where multiple contributors participate, except without boards, behaviour enforcement people, hierarchy, etc. the participants would have to be kept to tight, and small groups, as stated in the point form points.

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