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AppleTv support


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I don't think Apple TV/Mobilinc makes much sense, really...


Is there is ISY app for Apple TV? That would make more sense. Why involve Mobilinc?


Only reason would be that they have expertise working with ISY, and it would be a good additional product for the ISY brand.


I am an iOS developer, and so I can write tvOS apps, but haven't messed with it so far. Are AppleTV apps allowed to run an HTTP server? Any ISY app for AppleTV would need some sort of configuration I would think - you would want to make a screen layout, and your existing Mobilinc layout wouldn't be very useful due to different aspect ratio.


So, an HTTP server would be useful so that it could be configured from your desktop/notebook browser. Apple might counter "but we support bluetooth keyboard now".


I use SimpleControl, it can control lights with ISY or I think Insteon Hub as well.


Mobilinc has become irrelevant to me, I will let my subscription lapse, I haven't used it in a year. Even BEFORE I got ISY Portal.

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I for one love the MobiLinc interface. I use it on my phones and iPads and with my custom carplay interface in my car. To have control from my TV would be very convenient. Porting the layout is not challenging since they already have iOS development. Yes some guides needs to be changed along with the way work flow.

I already stream over airplay my mirror from an iPad. I am able to see all of my house info and live cameras. I would like for the app to be native without having to tie up a device and having to connect overtime though.

Have you used MobiLinc for the iPad?

And a subscription is not necessary. You can have all of the same features if you know how to control your router.








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