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Mismatch in Device Links


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Hi all--


I cannot figure out why the ISY constantly shows a particular mismatch in one of the link records for all my devices.  


All devices have a link entry for the PLM.  In my case the the PLM address is 3D.93.6B


ISY shows this entry with an "E2" flag (which I understand represents "controller" status) like this: 

2 : 0FE8 : E2 01 3D.93.6B 01 00 01


However, the device shows this entry with an "EA" flag like this:

[Record mismatch] 0FE8 : EA 01 3D.93.6B 01 00 01


ISY reads this as a mismatch.  I have  no idea what "EA" flag means.


I have tried restoring the device from ISY.  This fixes the mismatch temporarily.  But after a while, the device seems to reinstate the EA flag on its own initiative.  


Can someone please help me understand why this happens, and does it impact operation of my network in any way?


Thanks!  Dan

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