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Best way to lure a cat?


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As I was leaving to go to Home Depot before they closed last night, a woman was distraught at the valet desk, because a small cat (I suppose a fairly mature kitten) had crawled up into the wheel well of her SUV. She wasn't wanting to go anywhere, but didn't want to come down in the morning and worry that the cat was still there. Apparently, she had once accidentally killed a cat with a car, and didn't want to repeat the trauma.


I helped confirm there was, indeed, a cat back behind the wheel. He was well-hidden!


Nothing we (myself, valet, valet-trainee) tried worked. He was too far in to reach, and anyway, nobody was brave enough to stick their hand through the wheel openings to grab an unknown cat! Poke with a stick gently. Poke with a stick vigorously. Run the SUV alarm. All this probably just scared the cat, and made him even more resolute to stay where he was. The woman's standard poodle was absolutely uninterested in doing the job he was put on this earth for. I suggested a can of tuna, the smellier the better. As I left, the woman was going up to get a can of tuna.


After Home Depot, I went to Ralph's, and as I was passing through the pet-food isle, the catnip caught my eye. So, I picked up a packet. I've been around cats, and had a cat as a child, and figured this might work. Just put out some catnip and he would pick up the smell, come out to play, wear himself out, and be easy to catch and eject from the garage.


When I came back it was shift change and chaos because the valet was late, a backup had been called and was leaving, and the two valets were furiously moving cars. (I really don't live in that ritzy of a place - the valets are because we have tandem parking, and then late at night parking in the aisles! The valets are mainly to juggle cars to make them fit in limited space.) So, I didn't find out what happened with the cat, other than he eventually did come out and was in the back of the garage somewhere. 


I left the packet of catnip with the night valet, saying "you're going to need this..."


Would it have worked?


What's the best way to get a cat out of a place you don't want it?



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As a serious answer, its fair to say most cats can not be "lured", their general sense of self preservation over domestication is much higher than dogs.


You can flick water from your fingers towards them, or use a spray bottle of water to motivate them to move positions, but "luring" them to something is highly unlikely.

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Best way to lure cats is to develop an alergy to them. You will find that, once you are allergic, you will not be able to keep them away.

My wife has that problem. It seems animals are attracted to the alpha person, and like some humans they think ignoring everybody else means you have some special talent not requiring anybody else. (God complex?)


Usually the only way I get my hands on the host's cat(s) is when I remove it from my wife's lap.



I don't think you can lure a cat to catnip until you get it addicted to it by previous consumption.

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