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Nodelink IP, webcontrol rename nodes, humidity shows as switch


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Is there a way to set the IP for nodelink? Mine assigns itself to one that's on the wrong VLAN, is it all it takes is to add a line above the port setting?


It was nice to see that the nodes my webcontrols can now be grouped together like Insteon devices but I wasn't able to rename prefix like with them(I think this may be more ISY related). Since I have more than one webcontrol I get a bunch of duplicate name errors unless I go in manual add a prefix(which had done once but late had to re-add the nodes). Since nodelink let me give names to each webcontrol when I added them would it be possible to have it add the name as a prefix(assuming the renaming thing can't/won't be fixed in ISY)?


I assume this is probably an ISY thing as I have similar problems with many of my Z wave devices but my humidity shows up as a switch so I can't use the reading for anything in programs. 

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NodeLink should actually listen on all interfaces, it's just picking the first IPV4 it sees to announce the address of in the log.  I'm assuming you can still access the web config through the LAN IP address even if it shows the VLAN?


You can still rename each node, this would be a one-time thing?


Little confused on this one.  Humidity should show up as a percentage (0-100) and be available in ISY programs as such.  How is yours showing up in the program logic?

Found the bug with humidity, will fix in next release.

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It sure enough does, tried putting in the IP for a different VLAN and the web config came right up.


Yeah I can manually do it one by one as I did once before, it would just be nice if we could add a prefix to all nodes in one shot like how you can Insteon devices. I'm not sure if Z wave devices will support this once you we can group them but since can't even do that yet I've also been having to manually do each node. I think each webcontrol has about as nodes as all of my Z wave devices combined. It's not the end of the world if something can't or don't feel like doing but it would great if you could.


I actually just took a look at my humidity again and while it still shows as a light bulb(switch) if I try to use it in program I can now choose a % before it showed only on/off, so either it magically fixed it self or you already pushed the update(I'm not seeing but my log is full of connection errors for one of my webcontrols that's outside and is having wifi issues after I made some changes to the switch it's AP is on.

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