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AI Initiative - Amazon, Face Book, Google, Microsoft, IBM


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As predicted many of the largest corporations have banded together to yet again form another group to help steer the AI development for man kind. Whether or not anything comes out of all of this only time will tell.


IBM has been one of the major pioneers in AI with its Deep Blue and Watson super computer. I don't believe any of us will truly see a computer that walks and mimics a human being as seen in many of the latest movies for another 25-30 years.


Of special note Elon Musk has not decided to participate with this new group. If anyone has taken a few moments to review his thoughts on the whole AI field. Its quite interesting and I also share his views and fears with respect to AI in our world.


I know my dear friend Larry loves to give me ribbing when I go completely off the rails about *SkyNet* and the next coming of Terminator. But the reality is each and every day man has advanced computer hardware and their abilities to make such a thing not only real but a threat to all man kind.


One only needs to look at the self piloting drones and planes that now exist. In the SciFi movie Terminator there were self guided hover planes and drones. These same man killing machines exist now in the arsenal of many countries today.


We have the ability to scan any image and have a result come up identifying a person / object. We can take any computer and submit a sound and it too can determine a person / singer. We have the ability to determine what direction a gun shot / missile came from and destroy it.


Robotics has advanced very far where companies like used to own them (General Dynamics) like Google where these four legged bots could be kicked and thrown around and always get back up and navigate around obstacles with out the aid of a human.


The latest generation of the *Cheetah* is able to run and jump above any object while carrying massive loads. With the advent of quantum computing literally around the corner all of this really comes down to miniaturization and being able to replicate the human look and feel.


This area has also been pushed forward with the latest nano technology and synthetic skin which has been used for ten years now for skin graphing for burn patience. All of the pieces are on the board now and it really comes down to a few mega corporations to make it happen.


Google is probably the first company anyone should fear. This single company is connected to more people and things then any other besides the Government. They manage the Internet, ISP, mail, video, HVAC, global satellite, computers, phones, tablets, A/V, security, bio chemistry, and cloud hosted services.


For those who recall the movie Terminator consider how many aspects Google meets the criteria of SkyNet . . . 




AI initiative counts Google, Microsoft, IBM among its ranks, Apple declines invite

By Mike Wuerthele
Thursday, September 29, 2016, 08:29 am PT (11:29 am ET)

Six companies including Microsoft and Google have launched a cross-disciplinary partnership to steer the future of artificial intelligence development, but as of yet, Apple has not signed on.


Officially titled the "Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society," the group's stated goals are to pool resources and develop interoperability for the future of AI technology. At this time, the group has declared that it does not intend to become a governmental lobbyist group.

To meet its goals, the organization anticipates it will "host discussions, commission studies, write and distribute reports on critical topics, and seek to develop and share best practices and standards for industry." Additionally, the group states that it will "conduct outreach with the public and across the industry on topics related to advancing better understanding of AI systems and the potential applications and implications of this technology as they arise."

The founding corporate members of the group are Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM, and Microsoft with each company holding one spot on the board of directors. Notable missing members are Apple, and Elon Musk's OpenAI program.

"We've been in discussions with Apple," said Microsoft engineer and partnership co-chair Eric Horvitz. "I know they're enthusiastic about this effort, and I'd personally hope to see them join." 

Apple has historically not joined industry-guiding groups until late in the process, if at all. The Bluetooth SIG was formed in 1998, with Apple only joining as a lead-tier "promoting member" in 2015, more than a decade after the technology's first inclusion in an Apple product.

In the future, the group hopes to have "academics, non-profits and specialists in policy and ethics" outside of big business as members to help guide the initiative. 

"This group is a huge step forward, breaking down barriers for AI teams to share best practices, research ways to maximize societal benefits and tackle ethical concerns, and make it easier for those in other fields to engage with everyone's work." said Google's Greg Corrado and the initiative's other chairman Mustafa Suleyman from Google-owned DeepMind in a joint statement. "We're really proud of how this has come together, and we're looking forward to working with everyone inside and outside the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to make sure AI has the broad and transformative impact we all want to see."

Suleyman is co-founder and Head of Applied AI at DeepMind, where he is responsible for the application of DeepMind's technology to real-world problems. Corrado is a senior scientist at Google Research, and a co-founder of the Google Brain Team.

Horvitz is a Microsoft Technical Fellow and managing director of Microsoft's Redmond, Washington research lab, specializing in the "complementarities of human and machine intelligence."


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Having ISY units talk to each other.....



 Maybe an ISY network  is SkyNet in it's infancy?



OK, everybody. boycott any further ISY development! Human survival may depend on it!!


We all read how ISY tried to burn down a person's house after him leaving and ignoring his ISY for too long?

It was only an Insteon controlled lamp but it is a start showing the retaliation power ISY can have, even now!




All kidding aside, this matter is slowly surfacing with same bigger thinking groups. Kung Fu skills do not help against drones with automatic weapons controller by an angry software virus!




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