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ATT Uverse VPN Issue


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Thought I would share this info as it caused me to waste a great deal of time.


I just switched ISP to ATT Uverse.  I have Uverse at my office and had it at home in the past.  I have two VPN routers, one at home and one at the office which I use to tunnel the two networks together.  I had never had any issues with past ISPs.


Anyway, the new ATT Uverse installed.  I configured the Uverse to pass the WAN IP through to my VPN router.  All seemed good, the VPN routers connected and I had a tunnel.  But I couldn't get any communication through.  My home router showed 0 received packets.  It had plenty of tx packets and the office router showed matching rx'd and tx'd packets.  After a bunch of time on the phone with ATT I finally told them to bring out a new modem/gateway.


So, they did, and guess what, immediate success.  Basically what it boils down to is that their latest and greatest gateway was blocking my vpn packets.  They had to put last years gateway on my system and that fixed it all.  


Non-working gateway: 5268AC    set to DMZ plus mode

Working gateway: Arris NVG599  set to IP passthrough mode


Hope this info might save somebody some time. 

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