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Brultech - Nodelink / Gem Issue


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I am trying to get to Nodelink to work with my GEM on my 5.05 beta dev UDI.

Currently working fine feeding my 4.3X ISY using the old variable method fed by my Dashbox

Nodelink does not see the data feed from the Gem on packet type 2

If I select packet type 4, nodelink see's the data and feeds it to the ISY, but the values are 2X / 3X / 4X wrong and no negative values show up from my solar.

If AFTER selecting packet 4, I switch to packet 14, Nodelink see's the correct values, but does not send them to the ISY

The log from Nodelink, on every packet shows...

2016-10-05 01:28:08 - GEM Decode Error - Index was outside the bounds of the array. [14: gem1]

I have tried every setting I can find in the GEM, but cant seem to make this work correctly

my GEM advanced page looks like attached

I am running the latest GEM firmware, It says it the "New" SEG format

can anyone having this running, please respond with your GEM advanced tab ?, maybe I have a wrong value

Thanks in advance





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Here is the packet the GEM says it is sending


(site (node ? (e_1 120668.59)(p_1 287)(e_2 91865.07)(p_2 12)(e_3 12185.23)(p_3 10)(e_4 46314.09)(p_4 11)(e_5 6634.58)(p_5 10)(e_6 91683.85)(p_6 7)(e_7 1146.88)(p_7 0)(e_8 81005.97)(p_8 1)(e_9 44078.43)(p_9 179)(e_10 137835.47)(p_10 4)(e_11 21541.00)(p_11 5)(e_12 .00)(p_12 0)(e_13 44848.81)(p_13 149)(e_14 40090.14)(p_14 15)(e_15 115252.31)(p_15 14)(e_16 130753.19)(p_16 12)(e_17 71576.36)(p_17 73)(e_18 80221.93)(p_18 20)(e_19 49020.82)(p_19 59)(e_20 11797.26)(p_20 109)(e_21 4112.18)(p_21 6)(e_22 118727.53)(p_22 27)(e_23 133912.50)(p_23 4)(e_24 85992.95)(p_24 120)(e_25 147811.24)(p_25 47)(e_26 128797.89)(p_26 1)(e_27 157751.59)(p_27 1)(e_28 -45245.65)(p_28 -776)(e_29 156854.94)(p_29 1)(e_30 22430.30)(p_30 1)(e_31 68081.75)(p_31 137)(e_32 121767.60)(p_32 3)(e_33 .00)(p_33 0)(e_34 .00)(p_34 0)(e_35 .00)(p_35 0)(e_36 .00)(p_36 0)(e_37 .00)(p_37 0)(e_38 .00)(p_38 0)(e_39 .00)(p_39 0)(e_40 .00)(p_40 0)(e_41 .00)(p_41 0)(e_42 .00)(p_42 0)(e_43 .00)(p_43 0)(e_44 .00)(p_44 0)(e_45 .00)(p_45 0)(e_46 .00)(p_46 0)(e_47 .00)(p_47 0)(e_48 .00)(p_48 0)(n_1 0)(n_2 0)(n_3 0)(n_4 0)(temperature_1 83.0)(temperature_2 87.5)(temperature_3 79.5)(temperature_4 88.5)(temperature_5 nc)(temperature_6 nc)(temperature_7 nc)(temperature_8 nc)(voltage 123.7)))

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I saw IOGuy uploaded version 0.6.6 today

I re-installed and am in the exact same situation other than

0.6.5 reported

2016-10-05 01:28:08 - GEM Decode Error - Index was outside the bounds of the array. [14: gem1]

0.6.6 reports

2016-10-06 02:25:55 - GEM Decode Error - Conversion from string "nc" to type 'Double' is not valid. [14: gem1]

​...Barry  PS  Thanks IOGuy


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