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ISY994i no longer reads any sensor's status


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Today my ISY994i decided to completely lose and not update status of all sensors linked to it. It no longer reads the motion, open/close, water and hidden sensors. Note that all sensors stopped at the same time, so it is probably the ISY, not a sensor. They were all working for more than a year.


To try to address it I upgraded the ISY to 4.5.1, which made no difference.


I found that if I remove a sensor from the ISY and relink it then ISY sees its status fine.


Since I have many programs depending on all those sensors I can't afford to remove all the sensors and readd them.


Any ideas on how to address this?


- P

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Hi pankab,


PurdueGuy is correct. This link might help:



With kind regards,



Thank you Michel, restoring the PLM worked. I appreciate your help.




Do switches and other devices still report their status correctly?


Sounds like your PLM may have lost its links.


Thank you PurdueGuy, you were right, it had lost the links.

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Ok, so the next think you need to do is check the date code on your PLM (unless you remember when you plugged it in) -- if it's about 2 years old, then what it just did is your warning to purchase a replacement, or repair this one (see the thread on PLM repairs).

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