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New Installation - Philips Hue / Insteon-ZWave Switches/Dimmer Combos??


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I need your expert opinion on this as I am designing the lighting system for the new house we are planning to build.


Lighting System:

1.        I like the concept of having to change colour hues by utilizing Philips Hue bulbs and the associated bridge

2.        Legrand Wave Switch and Micro-Module – in key strategic locations in the house (I am planning to have most the individual switches (combination of Insteon and Z-Wave switches/dimmer) to be hidden in the control room to have a clean and minimalist interior). Micro module will be will be linked and controlled by ISY programs (scene, switch, network modules, etc). These Wave Switch and Micro Modules combos would essentially turn on most/if not all lights per pre-defined zones. http://forum.universal-devices.com/topic/19282-legrand-adorne-switch-and-z-wave-micro-module-pairing/


3.        Motion sensors – via ELK Systems. Purpose: Lights ON/Occupancy sensor, etc. Potentially Wave Switch may not be always being used since motions will determine if lights should be turned on or off. Again, I have to work on the program logic

4.        Alexa – for voice activation

5.        And potentially the list goes on and on, depending on the budget availability.


My current concern is on Item #1 (instead of using standard LED bulbs) but to use Philips HUE bulbs – again to have different colour availability AND Insteon/Z-Wave switches and dimmers. Does plan the sound ridiculous and an over kill? What is another option/cheaper alternative you guys could suggest?   Insteon/Z-Wave switches have to on to control Philips Hue bulbs, correct? I.e. changing colours, etc… https://www.reddit.com/r/amazonecho/comments/42b2is/do_you_guys_leave_the_light_switch_up_when_a_hue/.


Possibly, turn lights on/changing colours would be a 2-step process which obviously would add more delays!


System design dilemma that requires your expert opinion. J



1.        ELK System



·        Door Locks




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