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Running in Background

James Peterson

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I have been trying to tackle a few issues with 6.x and especially 7.x and its new Dose features.  I may disable the run in background feature completely in future updates do to android preventing access when screen is off besides its maintenance windows.  If you don't run the service in the background then this will not affect you.  


What this does affect is getting notifications from the ISY while screen is off.  The newer android system turns off network access when the screen turns off.  This prevents the app from gaining a subscription to events and prevents data updates.  


More details:

  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow: In this version, Doze activates if your phone’s screen is off, if it’s not on a charger and if the phone has been stationary for a while. In this state, all wakelocks are blocked and network access is disabled until the maintenance window. For example, instead of Facebook Messenger keeping your phone active all the dang time, it will be forced to only check in once every few minutes for any new messages.
  • Android 7.0 Nougat: In Nougat, Google added a lighter version of Doze that will activate if your phone’s screen is off and it’s not on a charger, even if it’s moving. In this mode, wakelocks are still allowed, and the phone will still search for GPS or Wi-Fi signals, but mobile network access will be disabled outside the maintenance windows. This will still let things like your fitness tracker continue watching your activity, while still keeping Facebook from tearing through your battery.


Note: more reason why I want to get push notifications enabled, but this will not happen globally without assistance from UDI.


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I don't need or want access to Agave from my lock screen, but I do want Agave running in the background to stay sync'd with ISY. One of the biggest problems with Mobilinc was that it started from scratch every time it was opened. For me, this meant the app wasn't usable until 30+ secs (I have several hundred programs and 130+ devices) after it was opened each time as it sync'd up with ISY. Useless!


Right now I have Agave config'd to run in the background but suppress all output from it on the system bar and lock screen by disabling its notifications on the system itself.

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