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Discord! New Unofficial UDI Chat Server https://discord.gg/sAs3wYs


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I've recently started to spend some time in the tap-a-crap chat and well...it's tap-a-crap...I'm not even sure you can use the chat outside of a mobile platform? If there is a way, it probably isn't advertised very well...


For those you that know Discord, you know it's probably the most revolutionary and best voice and text chat service out there, you'll also know it's completely free.


For those that don't know, in my opinion, it brings the best of IRC and voice chat together, without any of the complications that come from either. Discord has a fully featured web client and will work on any platform. It also has rock solid clients for iOS, Android, Windows, OSX and very soon, Linux.


If you want to know more, visit the website, discord.gg.


If you want an example of what a fully configured and successful discord server looks like, you're more than welcome to check out the Reddit Homelab Discord server over here https://discordapp.com/invite/011pZjAn5qdy5D6x8



and now for the best part, please click below to join the unofficial UDI Discord Chat Server, hope to see all the usual chatters!:





ps: to Michel and the UDI crew, feel free to join and I will give you guys full admin access. As a matter of fact, if this takes off, and you guys want to make it official, I will very happily relinquish full admin access to you :)


pps: we're going to need some moderators to keep the peace, I think I have an *idea* of who the forum rats are, if you think you want the moderator job, please let me know

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I joined and it too me less than 5mins to download the app, register for the first time and then was in the room. What I like a out this is that it's device and OS agnostic. Now people without Tapatalk have a place to chat.


I think this will be a great place for people to join and chat about whatever. I will try and do my best to hangout there and answer questions on the fly.


Thanks for your hard work and contributing to getting this up and running.

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