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Issue with Notifications...


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I just discovered this issue and was able to re-create it at will.


*Enable a notification on a program, I used "Running Then". Verify it works.

*On the ISY, delete the program. Verify it deletes in Mobilinc.

*Create a new program on the ISY, verify it shows up in Mobilinc, check notifications on the new program and see that the notification that was set on the program you just deleted is set on the new program.


It appears that the notification is not cleared when a program is deleted. So when a new program gets assigned the old program id, the old notification is still assigned to that program ID.


Haven't checked if the same issue occurs with variables.


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Hi Andy,


Yes, that can happen exactly as you describe it. Since the ISY makes efficient use of program and variable IDs (reuse) if you have a notification setup for a program/variable and you delete it from the ISY and recreate it, the notification on MobiLinc Connect is still connected to that ID. There are reasons to keep the behavior this way, but also, there are necessary syncing steps needed to be performed by the MobiLinc app when actually removing or creating the notification. 


If you go in MobiLinc to Settings->Notification settings you can see all notifications for your ISY here and can manually delete or edit as needed.



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