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HAI C3 / 2G sunset


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(Continuing the archived thread from http://forum.universal-devices.com/topic/13141-hai-c3-2g-sunset-and-elk-purchase-question/)


Well, the day came. My HAI C3 stopped working last night due to T-Mobile 2G being switched off in my area (North-Central Illinois). A visit to my local store confirmed my suspicion. 


For the time being, I purchased an AT&T WF721 (their 'Home Phone' device - https://www.att.com/cellphones/att/att-wireless-home-phone.html)at full price ($99) - then contacted AT&T to try and get it unlocked (so I could use my uber-cheap T-Mobile SIM). Well - apparently these devices fit in a loophole meaning they will not unlock it....  Sheesh.


Anyway - $15 to https://www.unlock-network.com resulted in them sending me the unlock code - and it worked! (For future reference - the unlock code is 16 digits and you enter it with the following key combination: *983*86*unlockcode# )


So far, so good. I set up a test to my monitoring company and they received the alert.


For those looking, this looks to be an almost direct equivilent of the HAI C3, but with 3G and 4G support: http://www.ebay.com/itm/4G-GSM-Cellular-Phone-Dialer-for-Self-Monitoring-Alarm-System-Fixed-Terminal-3G-/272132640323. I have one of these on the way as well to test. Not sure which one I will keep though - it looks like the no-name one does passthru (which is useful to me). 


Anyone else found viable solutions - that don't involve changing monitoring company?

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