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Amazon Echo Dot v2 won't discover the ISY


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Hello all,


Just got my new Amazon Echo Tap v2 today and prepped my ISY994i with ISY Portal 2 days ago.  I am having problems getting Amazon to see my ISY.  I am following the Step By Step Guide, added the skill but does not see the ISY.


I get the "Alexa has been sucessfully linked with ISY Optimized for Smart Home V2" pop-up windows, however, I never get a chance to sign into my ISY Portal.  Wiped Google Chrome x64 clean.  In my ISY Portal, my Amazon account is linked.


Any ideas anyone?


ISY994i/PRO v4.5.1

I have non-traditional ports for HTTP/HTTPS

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Ok, I think I figured it out.  If your new to this, please click here.




The step I missed was


  • Under Select Tool choose Connectivity | Amazon Echo and enter mappings between your devices, scenes, and programs to their associated and desired spoken names


Thanks all for your hard work.

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