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Problem with 4-way 2477S circuit turning itself on - Help! :)


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Hello. I have over 50 Insteon devices in a brand new home. I installed them all, and they all work as they should, with one annoying exception. 


I have three 2477S switches in a 4-way circuit. They control four outdoor light fixtures that are mounted to the house and have identical Cree LED bulbs in them. Pressing the "On" position on any one of the switches turns them on, and pressing "Off" on any of them turns the lights off.


The problem is that the circuit is, several times a week turning on, on its own and running for hours until I happen to notice it. No one else has access physically to the switches. 


I am using a Universal Devices ISY controller with Insteon PLM to control everything. The ISY is totally unaware of one or more of the switches going to the "ON" position when this happens. If I run a query function on the ISY, it then becomes aware of the issue. 


I have done factory resets on the switches. I have deleted them from the system and added them back in. I have deleted their scene and recreated it. I have disassociated the switches from one another to see if one on be in the on position when others were not. Two of the three were doing this, so I actually swapped both of them out with new switches. The problem persisted. 


I looked in the Universal Devices ISY forum and reviewed tips on ensuring everything being current in firmware, and the switches being the most recent. They are. I looked at link tables and they seemed to be correct. I saw suggestions that perhaps an X11 code was on the switches and interference was being seen as that code to turn them on. I did what was suggested to wipe a code if there. 


The most recent idea I had was in wondering it other power supplies in my rack might be causing interference on the PLM Cat 6 cable, so I moved them around to isolate it. The PLM is plugged directly into an outlet, as it should be. 


I wrote Insteon support a week ago and have heard nothing. Has anyone else experienced anything like this, or do you have any other suggestions that I might try?


Right now, I am resorting to a bandaid program that is sending "Off" signals to the load switch every 15 minutes during daytime hours. 


Again, I have about 50 Insteon devices in the house, so I believe the RF network should be pretty robust. There is only one other switch among the three that I have not replaced. 


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. This is wasting power when it should be helping me save it. Thanks!!!

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