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Program question for KPL button LED


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I have a button on a KPL labeled "Good Morning" and one for "Good Night". I would like a program that would turn on the LED light for the Good Morning button at 6am and have it stay on until I press it.  Then have it stay off until 6am the next morning.  Same with the Good Night button at 11pm.  That way I can easily see the button to press no matter how dark it is in the room.   Thanks for any help you can provide!

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A little more info:  

I have an 8 button KPL in the bedroom and an 8 button KPL in the living room.  Both have a Good Night button that turns off all lights in the house except for the bedside lights and bathroom lights.  I set a program for each of the Good Night buttons to turn both button LEDs  on at 10:30 and that works fine.   All of the lights turn off/on as they are supposed to no matter which of the Good Night buttons I press. The problem I'm having now is that when I  press either of the Good Night buttons, the Good Night button on the other KPL stays lit. If I press the lit Good Night button it turns off but the other KPL's Good Night button lights up. So I can never have both Good Night buttons off at the same time.  I have tried one scene with both buttons as controllers and two separate scenes with one button as a Controller and the other as a Responder (with level off) with the exact same result. Both buttons are set to non-toggle (on) by the way. 

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If both buttons are controllers (as shown in red) of the same scene, then they should always be in sync. That's not true if the buttons are in separate scenes. Can you post the scene?

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I figured it out for you.


You will need two scenes and one program.


First, add the two KPL buttons to a scene (I called mine, "All Off Buttons") as controllers.


Set the two KPL buttons to Non-Toggle Off.


Then add the same to buttons to a scene (I called mine "All OFF) as responders.


Now all all the lights you want turned off to the "All Off" scene as responders.


Now you will have to add all the other controllers for the lights to the "All Off" scene as responders.


Create a program to turn the "All Off Buttons" scene on.


That should get you exactly what you want.



EDIT: The side-effect is that even when the KPL buttons are off, pressing them will turn off all lights.

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