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adding new device - ISY - ELK M1


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Hi everybody, its been a while since I added a new device so I need some help getting some last details sorted. I installed a new receptacle, I can see it on the main tab on my ISY, I exported it in the configuration - ELK tab but when I got to my app, EK Pro, I dont see it in my list of lighting. What step did I miss?

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There are a couple of reasons the new device might not appear.


Based on the wording of your post it sounds like you are exporting your devices from the ISY and importing them into the Elk M1 via The Elk-RP application.


If this is true then make sure the "Show" check box is checked after the import into Elk-RP. It is NOT checked by default during the import and if unchecked will cause the M1 to hide the device from eKeypad.


Also after you have made any changes to your Elk M1 configuration be sure to perform a re-sync in eKeypad. It is advisable to do this while connected to your home Wifi. The re-sync function is found on the Config -> Automation Systems -> [your device driver entry] screen.


If this does not resolve your issue please contact eKeypad support directly from within eKeypad with more detail about how your system is setup; we will be glad to help. You can find the support link at the bottom of the main configuration screen.

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