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2457D2 Insteon Lamp 2-Pin Dimmer v.00


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I am unable to add this device manually or otherwise to the ISY.  I get error msg "Cannot Determine Insteon Engine"


not sure how to resolve this.  it is a new device as of yesterday



You have a communication problem between the module and the PLM which could be caused by interference on the poweline or a weak Insteon mesh network.


Without knowing more about your setup it's difficult to provide a solution. Try doing a factory reset on the module then move the module closer, and on the same circuit,  to the PLM and then try linking it again to the ISY.

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ok install and tried again.  New Error now


Cannot determine device link table address




Hello Slpelts,


Can you try using both methods while the level 3 diagnostic logs are running and upload those logs to the forum when completed.


When I say try both methods you have the option of selecting the two colored whirling arrows or the light bulb. Using the light bulb option requires you to enter the Insteon ID correctly. Meaning place ensure you don't confuse a 8 vs B / 0 vs o etc. Using the two colored whirling arrows simply requires you to press that icon and then press the set button until it goes into linking mode.


More often than not it will beep once the ISY Series Controller detects the unit and begins the adding process. Please use both and let us know the outcome with the logs so we can see what is happening in each case.

after third try it finally added.


thanks for the help


LOL - Ignore what I just wrote then!

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