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ISY keeping old links, causing incorrect behaviors


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We had a PLM which died on us, so I changed it out and did a complete restore.


After this point, we were seeing intermittent failures, such as:

- not all devices in a scene reacting

- some devices reacting to random insteon events

- programs executing but devices not reacting


So this weekend, I went through every device, downloaded the links table and compared and restored any device which didn't match the ISY configuration. There were quite a few of them.


Now, having done that, I thought all my problems would be gone. Instead, I have new ones.


I have a garage front light which is reacting to the porch motion sensor. These were never interconnected and so I thought I had screwed up one of the programs. But the garage light (as opposed to the porch light) came on with NO delay, indicating that it was listening to the broadcast from the motion detector, and not the ISY (since there's always a delay with you use motion -> isy -> device as opposed to motion -> device).


When I looked in the ISY control panel, it said it wasn't connected


HOWEVER, when I checked the device links manually, I saw that a record for 23.20.C1 had been added of type AA which I've never added or seen before. Nor is AA seemingly documented or understood by the ISY.


This is what the list resolves to:


40.52.B4 = PLM
2B.A7.B6 = Entrance Keypad
40.FA.DA = Garage Keypad
23.20.C1 = Motion porch (should not be here)


Any insight into how to manually edit the ISY and get rid of this odd record would be great, because it almost sounds like a bug. 23.20.C1 showing in the link table and (on the far right) you can see that there is no motion sensor. Makes me wonder if there are more of these broken records.


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If anyone else wants to quickly scan the ISY for odd device links, here's a quick tool I put together (requires linux or osx):




place tool inside CONF folder of backup and run

for F in *.REC ; do ./screen-rec.sh $F true ; done

and it will show you any odd links it sees. Odd is defined as not one of the specified link types from this support page

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I had a similar problem with a device showing up where it didn't belong. I tried several things to remove the link. I finally added the device to the scene and then removed it from the scene. That removed the phantom link.


I'm Gary Funk and I approved this message.

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