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Help with Keypad status LEDs

Jay M

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I have two keypads in the same room to control scenes.

-they are all set to non-toggle.

-they are 6 button keypads.

-I have included all of the buttons for both keypads in all of the scenes.


Button A will set the lights to scene A, and also turn off the LEDs on buttons 1, B, C, and D. On that particular keypad.

The problem is that the other keypad's LEDs don't change.  I've included the buttons from both Keypads in all of the scenes.


Am I doing something wrong, or is there a communication problem?




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I double checked, and they are all set correctly.


for example, scene A -

-all the dimmers are set to their desired level

-button A is the controller

-buttons 1, B, C, and D for both keypads are set to 0.


Each keypad works within itself, but the other won't respond.



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Tools, Diagnostics, Event Viewer. Set the level to 3. Clear if the panel is not blank. Right click on the scene, select Diagnostics, Scene Test. Answer Yes. What's the result? Save and post the log if needed.

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