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Google did not integrate Google with voice in the same manner that Apple did with Siri therefore it's not that practical to implement. With Google home and the currently in development API we are hoping this will be possible.


Gary Funk

Merry Christmas

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Google Now does have APIs that third parties can integrate to... Taskers 'AutoVoice' plugin can use it, so I'm certain it's possible for other apps, just like Siri integration.


Despite a certain IOS app author saying their app integrating with Siri is only possible on IOS because the feature is only available on IOS. It's just not true.


I'd love Agave to add this...

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If anyone can find me the example or docs for capturing the "turn on/turn off" voice actions then I'll look into it. From what I gave found, I don't know how to capture those actions.


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Tasker/Autovoice does it via the Accessibility service - see the example video at 

(especially the command demo at 2:12). 


However, from their FAQ the Google search will also execute. This can be avoided with a 'Go Home' action which kills the search. As voice will generally be executed from outside of the main app - this shouldn't be an issue.


Have a process that uses accessability to get the commands the user speaks into Now - parse it for your filter ("turn on|off *"), execute first a 'Go Home' command (to suppress the search) - then call an intent in Agave to execute the command. Agave should use the TTS interface to respond ("Turning on *", "Cannot find a scene called *" etc..)

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A while​ ago Javi on the forums created an app that used AutoVoice to do this http://forum.universal-devices.com/topic/16389-Tasker--AutoVoice-Chaining-Voice-Commands-Project but this uses what Michael described. The best way will be to interface ISY with Google Assistant, but the direct device control has not been released yet. Also, Google Assistant is currently only available on Pixel phones and Google Home.


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