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Update 1.6.200

James Peterson

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New update is rolling out. 

  • - Added support for ELK outputs
    • push button momentary switch
    • toggle on/off with optional auto off timer
    • output renaming on app - does not affect ISY naming
  • - Added alternate variable interfaces
    • ​boolean on / off (toggles variable between 1 and 0)
    • slider with min and max value
    • standard
    • allow showing on home screen
    • UPDATE: 1.6.202
      • ​Added custom variable names
      • custom statuses and buttons for toggles
  • - cleaned up more UI issues
  • - fixed zwave thermostat issue
  • - other bug fixes.

As always report bugs and issues as you see them.  


I have also discontinued the open beta program for the meantime.  I have not been getting much feedback these days from it any way.  I will reopen it again when I start testing new features.  If you have been using the app please take the time to rate it in the market as it help me get an understanding of how people feel about the app and boosts my search-ability inline.

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Awesome, thank you. Nice to have variable toggles on the home screen! But, one more request. Add ability to change the displayed name like we can with devices?


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Because you have been so helpful and this was your idea,  I rushed it out.  Should be available soon.  

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You are awesome Thanks, I see I can change button names, but not the display name of the variable itself?


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Do you think that is needed? I figured they would not need it. I could be wrong. I'll get it added.


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