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eKeypad use with 5.XX firmware?


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Does anyone have any experience running eKeypad with ISY and the new 5.XX firmware branch? I'm getting a little tired of the problems with MobiLinc which understandably they aren't ready to address yet. MobiLinc works fine with the production software 4.5.4.


1. Thermostat displays. Appears something is different with the precision of the temperature displays.

2. Having problems updating variables.

3. Use of ISY Portal may be causing some crashes.


I'm willing to invest in a new app here after using MobiLinc for many years if someone tells me it works OK.

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EKeypad is working fine for me with both 5.0.4 and 5.0.8. I use it as my go-to app on my iPhone in place of Mobilinc when I can because it's generally faster and more reliable for me. The latest Mobilinc release stopped the incessant crashing, but I'm not ready to go back yet.


My only caveats for eKeypad are that it doesn't seem to support IOLinc devices and I can't find a way to monitor or manipulate variables. I have to go back to Mobilinc if I do anything with either of those. It does appear to support thermostats, but my Ecobees that I use through Nodelink don't show up. You'd probably have better luck with an Insteon thermostat.


I used to use it successfully with the ISY portal, but I've since switched to an auto connect VPN to home. I suspect that the portal will still work, but I can't say for sure.


eKeypad is much better for controlling an Elk security system, but that's because it connects directly to the M1XEP, and it won't work through the ISY portal. I don't know if that's important to you, but keep it in mind.

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