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Automatically check for firmware/UI version mismatch


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Given the unconventional two-stage update process that the ISY uses (firmware + UI), lots of users end up with a mismatch that causes weird and unexpected behavior. Quite often somebody reports a weird problem, someone responds asking for the firmware & UI versions, the user reports them being different, and the corrective action is to update one or the other.  While we all look forward to an HTML5 admin console, it would be helpful to automatically check for a mismatch when the admin console is launched and instruct users on how to fix it.  This message could be a modal dialog on launch or a persistent line at the top of the admin console that describes the problem and shows both versions, along with a link to instructions on how to fix it.


It's great to see the community help folks who run into this, but it seems like it would be straightforward to automate the process and avoid the trip to the forum.  It also would help avoid the effort of diagnosing issues that aren't really bugs and just add noise to the forum.



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