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Add wiki link button/logo at top of forum page


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This could avoid a lot of basic questions by noobies and others and be an easy to reference link for people helping others.


Just a wiki link behind some icon beside the UDI logo would be great, and easily visible to potential ISY Club joiners or ISY programming fog clearers. :)

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Related to the WiKi there seems to be a few instances where the links I've seen are either broken or don't resolve to the same topic when you go to the main page.


There was a couple threads recently posted by other members and Michel offered a link but it didn't resolve correctly. Later Chris came in to offer the correct hyper link which is great.


But again my ask and observation is sometimes the main page doesn't seem to drill down to those topics. The ones that come to mind unless this was recently fixed is for variable substitutions, error codes, network, PLM restore steps, etc.  

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