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New section in Third Party Products?


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It's the products being discussed in this very long thread:




It would be good to have a separate section so that the discussion could be broken up into topics, without cluttering some other section.


They are all "supported by ISY", if ability to connect using network resources, IFTTT, or ISY Portal counts... They all talk to a tag manager hub.

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Yes, as jtara92101 mentions, the sensors I was referring to are made by CAO Gadgets LLC located at 50 Tesla, Irvine, CA 92618 (http://wirelesstags.net). As far as I can tell all of the sensors they make can be used with the ISY through the Network Module.


Here is a list of sensors they produce (or support):

  1. Motion Sensor Tag (8-bit temperature)
  2. Motion Sensor Tag (13-bit temperature+humidity)
  3. Motion Sensor Tag Pro
  4. Motion Sensor Tag Pro ALS (Ambient Light Sensor)
  5. Water/Soil moisture sensor
  6. Door/window (reed) KumoSensor
  7. Kumostat/Nest Thremostat
  8. Infra-Red (PIR) KumoSensor
  9. WeMo Switches/Maker/LED
  10. Webcams (Dropcam)
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Hi Michel,


The CAO Gadgets LLC have implemented a programming / scripting interface for these tags. They refer to this programming environment as KumoApps. An end user can develop their own KumoApps. These KumoApps run within the tag manager hardware (CAO Gadgets LLC product) that one sets up on their home the network. The tag manager hardware manages all the CAO sensors (aka "tags") that an end user has. An ISY user that has a CAO tag manager and some CAO tags can implement REST calls within a KumoApps to update ISY variables based on reading a tag's output.


This post contains a kumoapp code listing that updates ISY variables based on the current value of CAO tags.


Here are some lines of code (excerpted from code listing linked to above) from a KumoApp that makes ISY REST calls:

KumoApp.httpCall(isy_RESTcall+isy_variable_temp+"/"+tag_temp, "GET");
KumoApp.httpCall(isy_RESTcall+isy_variable_humi+"/"+tag_moisture, "GET");
KumoApp.httpCall(isy_RESTcall+isy_variable_moved+"/"+tag_XYZ, "GET");
KumoApp.httpCall(isy_RESTcall+isy_variable_battV+"/"+tag_battV, "GET");
KumoApp.httpCall(isy_RESTcall+isy_variable_outOfRange+"/"+tag_outOfRange, "GET");

I thought it would be good to have a stand-alone thread in 3rd party party products for ISY users to discuss the integration of the ISY with CAO tags...

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Hi Joe,


Do you have any examples of these working with the Network Module?


My major concern is that we'll be creating a forum that has nothing to do with ISY.


We should definitely have a section for Polyglot implementation of those sensors though.


With kind regards,


One could argue with you there are other third party forums here that are not soley ISY releated. What makes one device better than another. If people want it, then give the people what they want.

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