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IKEA - Pushing Home Automation


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I Intended to start this thread a few days ago but got lost in all the Trump news. Ikea has been slowly ramping up their home automation presence for a few years now. This is the latest efforts by this Swedish company: https://thenextweb.com/insider/2017/03/27/ikea-offers-affordable-smart-home-lighting-broke-millennials/#.tnw_Iw6d8UZ7


I have mixed feelings about their efforts but will simply say more competition is always great to see. 

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How are you able to find all the good articles when everything gets buried in the weeds of Trump news!? Tell me your secret! I've been weening myself out of the news because I'm getting sick of the same you know what, over and over again.


My feeling is a little different when it comes to the home automation market. I'd like to see more integrated devices and less fragmented systems. A solid protocol that everybody can benefit from (which is already available but everybody thinks they can get a piece of the pie by creating something new) I think Ikea trying to make home automation devices is going to clutter the market with more crap, add another confusing decision for the average consumer to make, and make other home automation companies that want their products integrated (like Logitech, Amazon, Nest, etc.) say "WTF, another system we now have have to look into and see if we can make our device compatible". This "competition" ends up leaving companies spreading their resources to thin over multiple integrations rather than focusing on their core.

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You need to find better news sites. Try CNet or ENGadget, or similar. (Ignore the polutical news content.)


I am probably more on your side regarding the market. To your points I also add that it does not really excite me to have yet-another system that does little more than allow me to control my light bulbs via smart phone, reliant on the interbet and cloud to work. There is nothing new here to see.


Hopefully, there is more to this.

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Great! A prime example of another failed security certificate. Let the certificate wars begin!

The self pointing links were getting tiring anyway. Now I know why it's domain is next web.




Edit: Looks like the editorial has surfaced now and the website is behaving with links etc... Strange.

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